Kimray, Inc. is headquartered in Oklahoma City, but our impact spans the globe. Kimray products can be found from China to Venezuela, and from Khazakstan to Australia. With the most extensive line of control equipment for the upstream oil and gas industry, Kimray has the knowledge, experience and products needed to thrive in the rugged environment of oil and gas production.
Mr. Julian Taylor started Taylor Valve Technology (originally Taylor Oil Tools) in 1958 when a Texaco supervisor approached him regarding a problem with hunters targeting and shooting pressure gauges on oil wells.Taylor Valve Technology has continued to expand and grow with the company’s primary objective being solving customer problems. As a result, Taylor Valve Technology products are recognized and distributed worldwide.

8200/8300 Series/Safety Relief Valve

9300 Series/Snap Pilot

9000 Series/Stack Vent Valve

8400 Series/Vapor Valve

8100 Series/Safety Relief Valve

9400 Series/High Pressure Valve

"Auto Seat Technology"® is Mercer Valve’s patented soft seat relief valve design. Auto Seat Technology® increases seat life, reduces repairs, and gives the valve a consistent set pressure. Auto Seat Technology® is a non-rising stem design that uses low rated springs to achieve a consistent set pressure. A fully guided disk and spring give the valve accurate set pressures and help with reseating after each pop. The lip seal seat creates a tighter seal up to set pressure allowing for less leakage. Mechanical stops allow the disk to open to the same point every pop, allowing for the same flow rate and limiting spring stress. Auto Seat Technology® reduces the need for repair while giving an accurate set pressure and tight seal.
Stra-Val is a manufacturer of relief valves, back pressure valves, pressure-reducing valves, pump overpressure valves, bypass valves, and basket strainer assemblies. We also manufacture a pressure-reducing valve that provides controlled outlet pressure and is self-regulating using spring-loaded or remote air-loaded means for valve pressure control. Many of these products are available with sanitary flange connections as sanitary pressure regulators, sanitary bypass valves, and sanitary relief valves, in an all stainless steel valve construction.